The Importance of Understanding Story/Narrative for Reading the Bible

by John Ellis

Is understanding story/narrative helpful, if not important, to understanding who God is? I argue, yes. Most emphatically. God is the Storyteller, and being made in His image means, among other things, that appreciating and understanding story/narrative enables us to better understand who God is and implores us to worship Him. Unfortunately, evangelicals tend to have a poor understanding of art, specifically story/narrative, and this impacts our collective interaction with the Bible and its Author. Sadly, and unhelpfully, the norm when approaching Scripture among evangelicals is less of the Bible being a story and more it being something like an owner’s manual. This is problematic.

My friend Kristin Post invited me on to her podcast to discuss the narrative, the Bible, and evangelicalism. I enjoyed the conversation and believe that it holds profit for those who follow Jesus (and those who don’t). In the podcast, we break down the anemic approach to reading and studying the Bible that is often found in evangelicalism as well as highlighting why understanding story/narrative is important for Christians, especially regarding our interactions with the Bible.

Below is a link to the podcast. Please listen and share. And comment about what you found helpful or didn’t find helpful.

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