Hi. My name is John Ellis. I used to be an atheist. I used to be an actor. I used to be a pastor. I used to be able to spin a basketball on my finger, even switching fingers without missing a beat (or, rather, missing a spin, I guess). And I also used to write for a living, but now I don’t (you can read a little more about that by clicking here). I used to be a lot of things. Now, the only things that really matter is that I am a child of God, saved by grace through faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that I am a husband and a father.

Now, I write because I enjoy writing. I also write to help me formulate and better articulate my thoughts and to preserve those beliefs and thoughts for my children and my wife. If friends and strangers find this blog edifying, praise God. If not, that’s fine, too.

This blog is not my first blog. It’s a restart, of sorts. A way to continue doing something I love while striving, by God’s grace, to find my identity in Christ and not in doing something I love. The name of this blog … well, I recognize that whatever skills I possess as a writer do not translate to coming up with titles, as my old editor would attest … the name of this blog is my attempt to cleverly communicate that most of my knowledge, especially regarding theology, has not been acquired via formal avenues. I am not credentialed nor degreed. I have never been to seminary (although, I have been on the campus of an RTS once). I have acquired my knowledge in a very practical manner – by picking up books and reading them, mainly, as well as through some real-world (practical) experience. The title is also intended to cleverly comment on how all human knowledge (and most definitely mine) is incomplete. If the wordplay isn’t nearly as clever as I had hoped when I registered the domain name, please forgive me. And please do not allow the title to serve as a stumbling block to reading this blog if you feel so compelled.  

If you would like to contact me – to ask a question, lecture me, send me money, whatever – feel free to email me at jellis419@yahoo.com  

Soli Deo Gloria