Fifteen Years

by John Ellis

(for my bride, my love)

Fifteen years is a life; a short life

Of hurts and hopes, of longings and loving.

Our age is older than it is young; yet,

Our age is only now seasoning into understanding.


Fifteen years is not an eternity

Even if our life is grappling with bottomlessness.

Of seams and tears, of resistance and repairs, still

Our age is older than it is young.


Fifteen years dips into love further

Then love imagined sitting on year one’s stoop.

An age of stairs, of turns, of heights leading

To constant turnings as our age grows in love.

Fifteen years of growing, and merging

A life out of moments gained through steps.

Our age is older than it is young, yet our age

Still feels new, holding the passion of the possible.

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