#BelieveWomen Versus the Presumption of Innocence

(I originally wrote this article during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings but a friend of mine recently asked me about it. While #BelieveWomen is no longer dominating the news cycle, the topic is no less important. I've rewritten parts of it.) You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept … Continue reading #BelieveWomen Versus the Presumption of Innocence

The Gospel and Poverty

“Blessed is the one who considers the poor.” Psalm 41:1 by John Ellis In 2011, successful Wall Street bond trader Chris Arnade walked into one of the Bronx’s worst neighborhoods. Prior to his foray into America’s world of poverty, Arnade was warned that “it was too dangerous, too poor.”[1] He didn’t care and went anyway. … Continue reading The Gospel and Poverty

The Gospel’s Relation to Social Justice and Mercy Ministries

by John Ellis I wrote and posted this article on my previous blog a few months ago (October 2019). It’s a topic that continues to concern me. And it’s a topic that exists within a larger cultural framework that prioritizes this earthly kingdom’s concerns over that of the Eternal Kingdom’s concerns. During a long phone … Continue reading The Gospel’s Relation to Social Justice and Mercy Ministries