Anti-Vaxxers and COVID-19 Denial

by John Ellis Below is a link to an important and informative paper authored by epidemiologist Dr. Tara C. Smith and law professor and vaccine advocate Dr. Dorit Reiss. I urge you to read it. Not only to help serve as a bulwark in your own mind against the fallacious arguments and downright lies being … Continue reading Anti-Vaxxers and COVID-19 Denial

A Plea for Sanity About Wearing a Mask

by John Ellis Yesterday, three things happened that have driven me to type out, once again, an article about wearing face masks. 1. Governor DeSantis lifted basically all coronavirus restrictions in Florida where I live. Included in his executive action, Gov. DeSantis hamstrung local face mask ordinances. Less concerned with the reopening of Florida, I'm … Continue reading A Plea for Sanity About Wearing a Mask

Christians Should Reject the Latest Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Video

by John Ellis Many of the responses to COVID-19 reveal a confluence of fear driven irrationality, the desire for control, political partisanship outweighing critical thinking, and a worship of personal autonomy. The result is an embrace of conspiracy theories among professing Christians that is as embarrassing as it is stupefying. I’ve attempted to unpack parts … Continue reading Christians Should Reject the Latest Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Video

Coronavirus Vaccine: An Encouraging Update

by John Ellis In late February, and especially into early March, I began following epidemiologists, virologists, and other infectious disease experts on Twitter. Knowing your own limitations is important, and I am quite aware that I do not have the training nor expertise to have a valid opinion about COVID-19. A solution, of course, is … Continue reading Coronavirus Vaccine: An Encouraging Update