Film’s Superiority Over Theatre

by John Ellis I am (was) a theatre artist. But when asked, I always state that I much prefer going to the movies over the theatre, and not just because I can eat popcorn and not feel constrained by the myriad of ridiculous "theatre appreciation" rules audiences are expected to adhere to while watching a … Continue reading Film’s Superiority Over Theatre

Art for Art’s Sake is Idolatry

by John Ellis Borrowing and, as his objective suited, warping Aristotle’s aesthetic disinterestedness, Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper) helped create the notion of art for art’s sake. The aesthetic ideals of John Locke’s famed pupil prioritized the enjoyment of beauty for beauty’s sake apart from utility. A true response to art does not broach the … Continue reading Art for Art’s Sake is Idolatry

Does Bad Christian Art Lie About God?

by John Ellis Wrapped up in American evangelicalism’s heritage is an (un)healthy stream of Neoplatonism. To be fair, during the fourth and fifth centuries, Neoplatonism did help rescue Christianity from the contra-Biblical dualism of Manicheanism. However, some strands of theological thought also adopted Neoplatonism’s flirtation with Gnosticism’s rejection of the demiurge’s creation. That has carried … Continue reading Does Bad Christian Art Lie About God?

My Worst Concert Experience: Art Versus Individualism

by John Ellis Like all good Gen-Xers who grew up in conservative Christianity, U2 is most often the answer to the question of who my favorite band is. To this day, The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby are two of my favorite albums; on most days, both are in my top-five of all time, if … Continue reading My Worst Concert Experience: Art Versus Individualism