Theatre + Theology = Apologetics

by John Ellis When many Christians think of Apologetics, they think of a formal debate. On one side of the stage, in their mind’s eye, sits a sartorial atheist who, no doubt, is a professor at the local state university. Maybe a philosophy professor. Maybe a sociology professor. Whatever he probably teaches, the whiff of … Continue reading Theatre + Theology = Apologetics

Repost: Christian Apologetics as Interactive Theatre

(Note: I originally wrote this article for my previous blog and am reposting it as a companion piece for a new article. You can read that new article by clicking here.) by John Ellis The brilliant director, acting teacher, and theatre theorist Peter Brook opened his seminal book The Empty Space with the well-known sentences, … Continue reading Repost: Christian Apologetics as Interactive Theatre

Public Speaking and the Pulpit

by John Ellis At the beginning of my acting career, I was embarrassed to have Bob Jones University plastered on my resume. I was afraid that I would be labeled a Christian or, worse, a fundamentalist Christian at that. Needless to say, the world of theatre and the world of conservative Christianity are often at … Continue reading Public Speaking and the Pulpit