Relational Theatre: ‘Boxing God’

by John Ellis Opening the card from Mrs. Doris Harris, my Intro to Dramatic Interpretation professor, I had no idea how consequential a role her words were going to play in my life. “Misguided people have convinced you that you do not possess talent as a performer and storyteller. They are wrong. You are wrong. … Continue reading Relational Theatre: ‘Boxing God’

Talking Apologetics With The Walrus & The Carpenter

by John Ellis Besides serving as pastors in Peoria, IL, Gary Geer and Jason Alligood also host a podcast wonderfully titled The Walrus & The Carpenter. They first had me on a little over two years ago. I had fun. They had fun. And I'd like to think I said some things worth listening to. … Continue reading Talking Apologetics With The Walrus & The Carpenter

Interactive Apologetics Update

by John Ellis This time last week, I was driving south on I95 after conducting encouraging and spiritually profitable Interactive Apologetics sessions at Emmanuel Bible Church in Mauldin, SC, and Greenville Classical Academy in Simpsonville, SC (click here to read in more detail what Interactive Apologetics is). Reflecting on the sessions as I drove, I … Continue reading Interactive Apologetics Update

Theatre + Theology = Apologetics

by John Ellis When many Christians think of Apologetics, they think of a formal debate. On one side of the stage, in their mind’s eye, sits a sartorial atheist who, no doubt, is a professor at the local state university. Maybe a philosophy professor. Maybe a sociology professor. Whatever he probably teaches, the whiff of … Continue reading Theatre + Theology = Apologetics

Repost: Christian Apologetics as Interactive Theatre

(Note: I originally wrote this article for my previous blog and am reposting it as a companion piece for a new article. You can read that new article by clicking here.) by John Ellis The brilliant director, acting teacher, and theatre theorist Peter Brook opened his seminal book The Empty Space with the well-known sentences, … Continue reading Repost: Christian Apologetics as Interactive Theatre

Christian Apologetics: The Value of Saying ‘I Don’t Know’

by John Ellis During an apologetic session for high schoolers, a student once asked me, “Why did God create Adam and Eve when He knew that they would sin?” Several of his classmates eagerly chimed in. Almost all their answers were along the lines of the Arminian belief that true love is only possible if … Continue reading Christian Apologetics: The Value of Saying ‘I Don’t Know’

How to Convince an Atheist that God Exists

by John Ellis Many Christians appear to hold the mistaken belief that atheism is a cheap cop-out. Atheists are often viewed as cowards who don’t really believe what they say they believe; it’s merely a position that’s adopted for the sake of being allowed to live a life freed from any moral authority, it’s assumed. … Continue reading How to Convince an Atheist that God Exists