Relational Theatre: ‘Boxing God’

by John Ellis Opening the card from Mrs. Doris Harris, my Intro to Dramatic Interpretation professor, I had no idea how consequential a role her words were going to play in my life. “Misguided people have convinced you that you do not possess talent as a performer and storyteller. They are wrong. You are wrong. … Continue reading Relational Theatre: ‘Boxing God’

A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 12 “Freedom, Finally”

(The previous chapters can be found by clicking on A Godless Fundamentalist under Topics on the right hand side of this page. To receive email notifications whenever subsequent chapters are published, hit the follow button.) by John Ellis In December of 1997, the Oscar winning film Good Will Hunting was released. I watched it three … Continue reading A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 12 “Freedom, Finally”