The Art(Lessness) of Manliness

by John Ellis With the help of a friend, I once installed a new toilet in the upstairs bathroom of my house. In hindsight, we should’ve asked our wives to do it; they’re both far more capable than we are. But we didn’t. They were downstairs, and would’ve been willing to do it, I’m guessing. … Continue reading The Art(Lessness) of Manliness

Apparently, I Am a Mother and a Wife (Except I’m Not)

by John Ellis In a recent article, Scott Sauls asks men and women to consider their gendered selves and to strive to connect as men and women for God's glory and the good of the Kingdom. Amen, and ... amen? As a way into into his argument, Sauls leans on the bestseller Men Are from … Continue reading Apparently, I Am a Mother and a Wife (Except I’m Not)

Critiquing Complementarianism: Are Men and Women Different?

by John Ellis Critiquing complementarianism is risky business. Doing so carries the substantial prospect that you will be accused of being ideologically located somewhere on the proverbial slippery slope that terminates with you being voted Grand Marshall of Key West’s Pride Parade. And I get it. Really, I do. Considering the wild and wacky times … Continue reading Critiquing Complementarianism: Are Men and Women Different?

Complementarianism’s Existentialism Feeds Gender Confusion

“For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.” Romans 8:29 by John Ellis We are all (a type of) existentialists now. As a society, owing to luxuries like free time and access to lots of … Continue reading Complementarianism’s Existentialism Feeds Gender Confusion