Apparently, I Am a Mother and a Wife (Except I’m Not)

by John Ellis In a recent article, Scott Sauls asks men and women to consider their gendered selves and to strive to connect as men and women for God's glory and the good of the Kingdom. Amen, and ... amen? As a way into into his argument, Sauls leans on the bestseller Men Are from … Continue reading Apparently, I Am a Mother and a Wife (Except I’m Not)

The Personhood Argument for Abortion

by John Ellis With the advances in ultrasound technology, especially the development of 3D ultrasound, pro-abortion advocates have changed tactics. It’s become next to impossible to convince people that a fetus isn’t a human life. For many who are pro-abortion, the argument now centers on personhood. Building on Judith Jarvis Thomson’s landmark paper “A Defense … Continue reading The Personhood Argument for Abortion