The Necessity of Christ’s Active Obedience in Salvation

by John Ellis During membership interviews at my previous church, the elders ask the prospective member to briefly share the gospel. It’s not asked as a membership test; if you forget to include Jesus’ Resurrection, you don’t fail and aren’t prevented from joining the church. The question is asked because the gospel is central to … Continue reading The Necessity of Christ’s Active Obedience in Salvation

Death’s Unnatural Intrusion Into Childhood

(I wrote this in early 2016, and it remains one of my favorite articles that I've written.) by John Ellis Assuming normal physiology, humans don’t begin to taste deeply of physical death until sometime in their twenties. The day to day existence of children is punctuated by life. The brain is awakening – new sounds, … Continue reading Death’s Unnatural Intrusion Into Childhood

Being Saved versus Am Saved

by John Ellis The colloquial aphorism "saved by the skin of his teeth" was an integral part of the theological lexicon of my youth. To be clear, it wasn’t part of my personal lexicon; it was, however, uttered on a fairly regular basis by the preachers, Bible teachers, and other assorted authority figures that stood … Continue reading Being Saved versus Am Saved