A Godless Fundamentalist

by John Ellis To help make it easier to read, I've posted links to each chapter in the story of how I went from being an atheist to a Christian. You can find those links below. Clicking the link will open a new tab to the corresponding chapter. This should be much easier than having … Continue reading A Godless Fundamentalist

A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 5

by John Ellis During my transition from a student at a Christian day school to a Bob Jones University student, grunge music and its accompanying culture became my god. It didn’t happen overnight, though. The 1993-94 school year, my senior year, provided me with clarity about my beliefs, or lack thereof, as well as boldness … Continue reading A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 5

A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 3

by John Ellis Every so often, I wish that my kids could have the schooling experience that I did. My time within the Christian school movement, from kindergarten through high school, was, for the most part, fun and contained a sense of community. I can’t help but wonder if my kids who attend public school … Continue reading A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter 3

The Purity Culture’s Sins: Men Versus Women

by John Ellis Without any trace of shame, my friend turned on his barstool, looked me in the eyes, and complained, “I regret not having had sex before I got married. I only know what it’s like to have sex with one woman, and I feel like I’m missing out.” In the aftermath of his … Continue reading The Purity Culture’s Sins: Men Versus Women

Why Sex Outside of Marriage Is a Sin

by John Ellis Below in italics is my attempted re-creation of a story I haven’t read in at least three decades. No doubt, my blatant plagiarism contains some errors. My apologies to the author, whomever that might be. I’ve also attempted to remain true to the original story’s thematic tone and objective – a tone … Continue reading Why Sex Outside of Marriage Is a Sin